Welcome to Wolfsong

We’re artists. We’re musicians. We’re writers. We’re mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters. We’re friends, and we’re family. We collaborate together to enjoy games built around teamwork – and we love it.

Join us, and be a part of the pack.

(Okay, maybe that last part was a little cheesy.)

World of Warcraft Legion Logo

World of Warcraft is our main game. Our guild is located on the Wyrmrest Accord roleplay server. We’re proud to be with the alliance, but love our horde brethren just as much – especially when they’re at the end of our collective blade.

We raid during the week, and engage in world-pvp over the weekend. Roleplay events for characters are peppered throughout the months.

Heroes never die. We play Overwatch on a non-competitive basis, though a few of us have put together a few teams. If you play, come join us and restore peace to a war-torn world by shooting at other heroes and escorting a giant glove to a facility.

Our Overwatch games are generally random, but most of us do play and enjoy it – more from a ‘casual’ perspective. This is subject to change.

Latest News

Pillars of Creation

With four Pillars of Creation safely housed within the sanctuary of Dalaran, we take our advancement to Suramar and beyond. With the demigod Cenarius abducted, our attention shifts as we prepare to cleanse the Emerald Dream from Xavius' corruption. Ajax Andrethere Anthraax Bengal Bombshell Boomfer Broon Cistin Crisscross Curobos Dondarius Entropi...

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Farewell, Our King

In preparation for our assault upon the broken isles, we pay our respects to our lost king. Farewell, Varian. You will always live at the heart of the Alliance. Andrethere Anthraax Bengal Bombshell Broon Cistin Corvis Curobos Dondarius Eld Emmerlyn Entropi Ephidal Falina Fides Glanios Grem Grymstorm Jaedar Jide Kasiandra...

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