History & Guidelines

Brief History

<Wolfsong> was created back in January 2011 with the goal of building a committed online raiding community in World of Warcraft. Since then, the guild has grown to house multiple types of players from casual to ex-hardcore raiders.

The core members have been together for years, with their history stemming from several top-tier raiding guilds on the Thorium Brotherhood and Wyrmrest Accord roleplay servers. We have coalesced together from Horde and Alliance.

We’re a friendly community that enjoys multiple aspects of the game, and foster a more gentle approach to online play. In the end, this is a video game – there is nothing worth getting upset over in this virtual world (minus rage-inducing disconnects).

The Legion Mission

Our goal leading in to Legion is to build a consistent, tight-knit raiding group of 25+ strong. We want to complete Heroic difficulty in raids, with the prospect of leading in to Mythic if the overall talent is strong.

We want to offer two raid teams; one for players whom are more casual, and those who want to push for the hardest difficulty. Our main nights will shift for the latter in mind, and we will push more casual progression (such as normal mode raiding) to off-nights.

Raiding Guidelines

Raiding can be hard. It requires a group effort, and going in to legion we are prepared to tackle the bosses and push for the hardest difficulty. In order to do this, some ground rules need to be laid out.

Due to our limited schedule, we have clear expectations for all our raiders to come prepared and ready to tackle boss challenges. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Come prepared with knowledge of your class. Know how to play and, more importantly, master your class. It is your responsibility to understand your class.
  • Ensure all distractions are limited. We do take breaks, but until those breaks come – the cookies calling your name from the pantry can wait.
    • We understand emergencies happen, and some of us have demon-spawn that must be silenced from time to time (human babies, gross!). These scenarios are okay, but try your best to ensure they are well taken care of before the night begins.
  • Come equipped with extra consumables and fully repaired gear.
  • Ensure your gear is enchanted for your role, and that you have gear for any off-specs in case you may need to switch to fulfill a specific role.
  • Understand the bosses. When we first begin learning, this rule is quite light – but if we’re months in to the expansion, it’s expected of you to research the fights.
  • Have thick skin when it comes to in-game criticism. If you’re not playing correctly, your damage/healing output is too low, or you’re not handling a mechanic – we will let you know. We’re not going to degrade you, there is no room for that – but if you can’t handle when someone tells you you’re doing something wrong, then raiding is not right for you. Period. Accept that criticism from other players is to help you, not make you feel bad about yourself.

In short, come prepared to the raids. There will be zero tolerance for individuals who slack off and expect a free run. Some players have different levels of experience, which is perfectly fine, but at the end of the day we want to ensure we’re getting the most out of our in-game time.

Raiding is not for everyone. If for whatever reason a player is not performing their role adequately, and they become a detriment to the group as a whole, they will be removed from the roster if no improvement can be made.

We will do our best to work with our players. To help them achieve their in-game goals, but only if the player is willing and capable of improving.

Boss Encounter Guidelines

To ensure boss runs go smoothly, there are a few guidelines we need to follow.

  • Keep Discord chatter to an absolute minimum during a progression boss encounter. Interrupting the raid leader who is calling out mechanics and leading the encounter is grounds for being muted.
  • Follow the raid leader’s direction, even if it is a bad call. Interrupting and arguing in the heat of the fight will do more harm than good, and if a bad call is made – a bad call is made and will be learned from.
  • Be respectful to your other raiders. We have a zero tolerance policy on being belligerent and insulting in chat. This is grounds for being kicked from the raid, discord, and possibly removed from the guild (if it is severe).
  • When a wipe is called for, wipe. Don’t try and save yourself, don’t waste other’s time by using cool-down abilities to make you live longer. Wipe is a wipe; we raid for a short amount of time, and intentionally wasting time when a wipe is called is grounds for being sat out for the night.
  • When wipes happen, don’t get frustrated – it is part of progression.
  • Recover from wipes as quickly as you can. Don’t wait for a rez; run back. Being lazy is frowned upon.

Loot Guidelines

We handle loot via an open roll system. When an item is dropped, it will be listed in raid chat. Players should /roll on every piece that they can use. The roll system indicates interest in a piece of gear, and the higher rolls may not guarantee someone wins a piece of loot. We take multiple factors in to account (listed below).

Loot distribution is used as a way to reward high attendance, performance, and to benefit the raid as a whole. Sometimes a piece of loot will be given to a player who desperately needs it over a player who has won more than one peace already.

We follow the guidelines below in handling loot.

  • Initiates are limited to loot that a raider does not need. This is to ensure pieces go to individuals who have put in their time.
  • When an initiate is promoted to raider, they are guaranteed a piece of loot on the next raid week as their reward for being promoted. Congratulations!
  • We accept a priority system. If there is a piece of gear that you are specifically after that greatly helps you (trinkets), please let us know.
  • We take in to account ilvl disparity, overall performance, trust, and time spent in guild.
  • Loot helps the raid. The raid does not revolve around a single player.

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